Information for Charities

The sale of greeting cards and stationery has long been seen by charities as a method of raising much needed funds. However, this has not been without its problems;

Traditionally charities are required to order and pay for the cards they sell before the selling season, thus diverting funds from other major projects.

The charity typically has to limit the range of designs that it offers in order to create sufficient quantity of each design to obtain the best buying price for the product.

A further problem is that even with the best design selection charities can be, and often are, left with stock, which has to be stored and sold at a reduced price the following year. This can mean that a big proportion of profits for the year are left in excess stock.

Range selection, order processing and stock management can all be very time consuming. The administrative load placed on charities is not insignificant.

Working in partnership with Care Cards will help solve all of the problems associated with selling greeting cards the traditional way.

Care Cards will supply your charity with a wide range of products at no cost, no initial set up fees and with no purchasing of stock. Thereby removing all of the finacial risk associated with charity retail.

Care Cards will give your customers access to your very own page on allowing your customers the convieniance of on line ordering.

Care Cards will allow you to offer a range of upto 100 Christmas card designs. You will also have an extensive range of stationery and gift products for sale.

Care Cards will handle the fulfilment of all of the orders generated.

In partnership with Care Cards we will reduce your workload on the sale of greeting cards to almost nothing. All you need to do is promote your products, and we will even help you do that!!

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