The Ear Trust

Who we are  

Professor Christopher Raine  MBE established the Ear Trust in 1990

Appointed as consultant ENT surgeon in 1987 has always had a specialist interest in all aspects of Hearing. 

The Yorkshire Cochlear Implant Service YCIS was established with the first CI’s performed in Yorkshire in 1990.

He was one of the founding members of The British Cochlear Implant Group.  He was surgical lead for the NICE review for cochlear implants tag166 in 2009 and worked with other organisations such as Action on Hearing Loss and BCIG to have the successful review of implantation criteria  (Tag 566 2019)

Appointed by NHS England he continues to offer advice to the Clinical Reference Group for Ophthalmology and Ears. He has written on quality standards for implant surgery and revised commissioning requirements for Bone Conduction Implants and Middle ear implants.

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